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If you are under age of 18 or in some states 21 (including California) whichever applies to your State’s Legal Smoking Age; Please EXIT this site now.

By entering this site, you agree the Terms and Condition of thesmokecity.com

Thesmokecity.com intends to sell the product in the website for Legal Use only, it may not be used or discussed in manner that is illegal. By entering and ordering from this site, it is solely customer’s responsibility to know and follow the state’s Law before making the purchase. All of the products sold on our website is traditionally and solely intended for tobacco use or concentrated essential oils, by legal adults. It is illegal to use drug paraphernalia slang when referring to one of our tobacco pipes in the State of California, by doing so we will deny any service required by the law. Any communication including such illegal terms will not be responded and will be deleted from the system without notice. Any governmental employee, agency, or agent must identify themselves to the operators of thesmokecity.com upon their entering the site, and when ordering any products from our site.

US Code 21-863 refers to ALL materials used to manufacture tobacco accessories; metal, wooden, acrylic, glass, stone, plastic, or ceramic pipes. In specific, pipes with carburetion devices (third holes) are considered to be paraphernalia regardless of the material used to manufacture the pipe. Traditional tobacco accessories like pipes, cigar and cigarette holders and hookah/sisha pipes are not included in the list of Contemporary accessories. U.S. vs. Posters & Things (Supreme Court - 1996) upholds this code as the OBJECTIVE standard by which paraphernalia is judged. Further, it describes other relevant factors in this determination to include whether the owner is a licensed distributor or retailer of tobacco products. Ten states have adopted USC 21-863 as state law, three more are in the process of adoption. All other states have either less rigorous SUBJECTIVE (intent) statutes or no law on this subject at all! All of our glass pipes conform to RTDA guidelines for bowl depth and width.

By entering this site thesmokecity.com you acknowledge and agree that this site will only be construed and evaluated according to California law. If you are using this site from other locations, you are responsible for knowing and complying with any and all applicable local laws. Thesmokecity.com makes no representations that the materials contained within this site are appropriate for locations outside California. Any and all information contained in this site, including but not limited to information related to products and services, applies only to those provided or offered in California.  We reserve the right to refuse service and goods.

Thesmokecity.com does NOT ship to third party or as Gift. We only ship our product to the buyer, who purchased and agreed our Terms and Condition. If the receiver’s name doesn’t match with the Credit card we have right to cancel the order.

For international orders, themsokecity.com doesn’t take responsibility if the item is legal to import such items according to your country’s Law. Customer is solely responsible to pay any import tax of the ordering country. We do not take guarantee that the Custom will hold or confiscate the items ordered, in such unlikely even we will not be able to Refund or Re-ship the item/s. Customer is solely responsible to know local Rules, regulation and Law before ordering the products from our websites.

We accept return within 7 days from the delivery date. For full refund, the items must be unused and approved for restocking. The return postage is paid by Customer. We do not accept Return, exchange for items that are Used, No Exceptions.

For damaged items during shipping, Customer Must notify us within 24 hours of delivery and send the pictures of the damage for refund or replacement. We might ask customer to return such damaged product, we will send a return Label.

Thesmokecity.com has right to revised and update Terms and Condition without prior notice. We reserve the right to refuse service and sales to anyone.

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